Although my career background is exclusively technical as a software developer, these days I’m much more interested in foreign policy, defense, security, governance, economics, finance, civil society, basic science, and philosophy, with my interest in technology limited to only a much higher and abstract level. I don’t imagine that I will ever gain employment in any of my new areas of interest, but I do gain a lot of satisfaction from writing about them.

To be clear, I do not consider myself a “real” writer. At best, I am an amateur hack, which is all I seek or aspire to. Formality and polish are characteristics that I seek to avoid rather than revel in.

My reasons for writing

Although my writing earns me no direct income, I write for these reasons, in no particular priority order:

  • To clarify my thinking. Just putting ideas into words helps a lot.

What’s not a reason why I write

I don’t write for these reasons, again not in any absolute priority order:

  • To make money.

Would I still write if income was not an issue?

Great question. My ongoing financial anxiety and lingering fantasy that maybe my writing could lead to income is a rather powerful motivation to continue writing. But would I still have any powerful motivations to write if my money issues were fully resolved? So hard to say. I mean, yes, I think I would still have plenty of reasons to write (see above), but how many of them are really just crutches to justify writing rather than powerful motivators in their own right? Unknown.

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