If we had time machines, what would your first stop be?

Would you want to stay there (then) indefinitely?

How long would you want to stay there?

And where would your next stop be?

Me, I’d rather just pick a random time in the future. And stay for some random amount of time, and then randomly go off to another time for another random amount of time.

It might be interesting to travel to various historic moments, but I probably wouldn’t want to live there/then for long.

Maybe it is not so important to travel to some time/place — just getting a Google News feed and videos to see might be sufficient. (Will silly cat videos be any different or any less popular 10,000 years from now?)

But the essential question remains: If you just unpacked your brand new time machine from the box, where would you want to go first?

What criteria would you use to decide where and when to go?

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