Software Agent Technology Terms and Concepts

Years ago I spent a fair amount of time (quite a few years) culling web pages and conference announcements related to software agent technology in an endeavor to construct a master list of all terms and concepts related to software agent technology. I had published this list on a now-defunct web page ( and have reproduced the raw list of terms and concepts here for future reference.

I culled and constructed a second list of terms from other fields that were related to software agent technology. It was formerly published as I will publish that list here on Medium as well shortly.

I last updated the list in 2009. Sure, software agent technology has evolved somewhat since then, but I suspect not that much.

Eventually I would expect that NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms will become capable of reproducing my work, but I’m not holding my breath. Kurzweil’s Singularity will make all of this moot, but I’m not holding my breath for that either.

It would be nice to have some structured tool to represent such a list of terms and concepts, other than a simple spreadsheet, but I’ll leave that task for another day. The Semantic Web and RDF come to mind, especially OWL and SKOS.

In any case, here is my list of software agent technology terms and concepts:

A-Life Agent
A2A Interaction
A2A Metaphor
Action Planning in Multi-Agent Systems
Action Selection in Multi-Agent Systems
Action Selection and Planning in Multi-Agent Systems
Actions of Agents
Active Agent
Active Middle-Agents
Active Software Agent
Active Vision Agent
Activist Agent
Actual Agent Interactions
Ad Hoc Coalitions of Agents
Adaptation, Evolution, and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems
Adaptation and Evolution in Multi-Agent Systems
Adaptation and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems
Adaptation in Multi-Agent Systems
Adaptive Agent
Adaptive Agent-Based Service Composition
Adaptive Agent Systems
Adaptive Agent Systems Simulation
Adaptive Agent Technology
Adaptive Autonomous Agent
Adaptive Autonomous Bidding Agent
Adaptive Business Agents
Adaptive Information Agent
Adaptive Mobile Agent
Adaptive Multi-Agent Systems
Adaptive Multiagent System
Adaptive Online Agent
Adaptive Personal Information Agent
Adaptive Software Agent
Adaptive Trading Agent
Adaptive Web Site Agent
Administrability of Mobile Agent Systems
Adoption of Agent Technology
Adoption of Software Agent Technology
Advanced Agent Technology
Advanced Concept of Agency
Advanced Intelligent Agent Technology
Advanced Multi-Agent Technology
Advanced Software Agent Technology
Affective Agent
Affective Software Agent
Agency in Coalitions
Agent (1) — one who acts
Agent (2) — a person or organization who represents a product or service
Agent — a Software Agent
Agent Ability
Agent Action Selection
Agent Activities
Agent Adaptation
Agent Adapter
Agent Added-Value
Agent Advertisement
Agent-Agent Interaction
Agents and Societies
Agent Anonymity
Agent Application
Agent Application Area
Agent Approaches
Agent Architecture
Agent Architectures for Distributed Environments
Agent Architectures for Grid and Distributed Environments
Agent Architectures for Grid Environments
Agents Arena
Agent Argumentation
Agent Argumentation Protocol
Agent Aspect
Agent-Assisted <whatever>
Agent-Assisted Collaborative Editing
Agent-Assisted Greenhouse Collaboratory
Agent-Assisted Group-Awareness
Agent-Assisted Remote Experimentation
Agent-Assisted Web-based Distributed Awareness
Agents At Work
Agent Auction
Agent Authentication
Agents and Autonomic Computing
Agent Autonomy
Agent-Aware <whatever>
Agent-Aware Negotiation Support
Agent-Based <whatever>
Agent-Based Analysis
Agent-Based Analysis of <whatever>
Agent-Based Application
Agent-Based Application Development
Agent-Based Application Development Lifecycle
Agent-Based Application Framework
Agent Based Applications Architectures
Agent-Based Approach
Agent-Based Approaches for Knowledge Management
Agent-Based Approaches for Organizational Memory
Agent-Based Approaches to Service Security
Agent-Based Approaches for Web Applications
Agent-Based Architecture
Agent Based Architectures for Autonomic Systems
Agent-Based Auction
Agent-Based Auction System
Agent-Based Automatic Demand/Supply Formation
Agent-Based Automatic Demand/Supply Matching
Agent-Based Automatic Demand/Supply Transaction Processing
Agent-Based Automatic Demand/Supply Formation, Matching, Transaction Processing
Agent-Based B2B Application
Agent-Based B2B Electronic Commerce
Agent-Based B2B System
Agent-Based Business Application
Agent-Based Business Automated System
Agent-Based Business Automation
Agent-Based Business Process
Agent-Based Business Process Management
Agent-Based Business Processes
Agent-Based Business System
Agent-Based Business Systems Analysis
Agent-Based Business Systems Design
Agent-Based Business Systems Modeling
Agent-Based Business Systems Modeling, Analysis, Design & Validation
Agent-Based Business Systems Validation
Agent-Based Cluster and Grid Computing
Agent-Based Coalition Formation
Agent-Based Collaboration
Agent-Based Communication
Agent-Based Computation
Agent-Based Computational Approach
Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE)
Agent-Based Computational Grid
Agent-Based Computational Model
Agent-Based Computational System
Agent-Based Computer Systems
Agent-Based Computer Technology
Agent-Based Computer Vision
Agent-Based Computing (ABC)
Agent-Based Computing for Enterprise Collaboration (ACEC)
Agent-Based Computing Techniques
Agent-Based Computing Technology
Agent-Based Concepts
Agent-Based Content Management System
Agent-Based Control Systems (ACS)
Agent-Based Coordination
Agent-Based Coordination and Communication Language
Agent Based Coordination, Management, and Integration
Agent Based Data Analysis
Agent-Based Data Extraction
Agent-Based Data Extraction in Distributed Systems
Agent-Based Data Retrieval
Agent-Based Data Retrieval for Business Automation
Agent-Based Decision Support System
Agent-Based Demonstrator
Agent-Based Deployed Application
Agent-Based Design
Agent-Based Design of <whatever>
Agent-Based Design of Electronic Intermediaries
Agent-Based Design System
Agent-Based Design Techniques
Agent-Based Development
Agent-Based Development Platform
Agent-Based Dialogues
Agent Based Digital Library
Agent-Based Digital Library Infrastructure
Agent-Based Distributed Design
Agent-Based Distributed Data Mining
Agent-Based Distributed Knowledge Discovery
Agent-Based Distributed Ontology Learning
Agent-Based Distributed Ontology Mapping
Agent-Based Distributed Ontology Mapping and Learning
Agent-Based Domain-Enhanced Search and Discovery
Agent-Based E-Business System
Agent-Based E-Commerce
Agent-Based E-Service Discovery and Selection
Agent-Based E-Service Execution and Delivery
Agent-Based Electronic Marketplace
Agent-Based Engineering
Agent-Based Event Detection
Agent-Based Event Detection and Response
Agent-Based Event Server
Agent-Based Environment Control
Agent-Based Formalisms
Agent-Based Framework
Agent-Based Grid Computing
Agent-Based Grid Computing Applications
Agent-Based Grid Computing Infrastructure
Agent-Based Grid Computing Services
Agent-Based Grid Computing Services and Infrastructure
Agent Based Grids and Services
Agent-Based Grid Economics
Agents-Based Grid Service Infrastructures
Agent-Based Health-Care Systems
Agent-Based Human Modelling
Agent-Based Image Processing
Agent-Based Information Gathering
Agent-Based Information Search in the Semantic Web
Agent-Based Information System
Agent-Based Integration
Agent-Based Intelligent Reactive Environments (aire)
Agent-Based Intelligent Workspace
Agent-Based Interaction Analysis
Agent Based Interface System
Agent-Based Interfaces
Agent-Based Interfaces for Business Automation
Agent-Based Interfaces and Data Retrieval for Business Automation
Agent-Based Knowledge Discovery & Data-Mining
Agent-Based KM
Agent-Based Knowledge Management
Agent-Based Language
Agent-Based Load Balancing
Agent-Based Logistics
Agent-Based Logistics Management
Agent-Based Logistics, Business Process & Workflow Management
Agent-Based Management of Data in Distributed Systems
Agent-Based Manufacturing
Agent-Based Market Infrastructure
Agent-Based Market Space
Agent-Based Marketplace
Agent-Based Mediating Services
Agent-Based Methodology
Agent-Based Methods
Agent-Based Middleware
Agent-Based Mixed-Initiative Interfaces
Agent Based Mobile Applications
Agent Based Mobile Applications and Services
Agent Based Mobile Services
Agent-Based Model
Agent-Based Model of <whatever>
Agent-Based Model of Social Interaction
Agent-Based Modeling
Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation (ABMS)
Agent-Based Modeling of Human Social Behavior
Agent-Based Modeling Methodologies
Agent-Based Modeling Methodology
Agent-Based Modelling Language
Agent-Based Modeling Platform
Agent-Based Modelling SOlution
Agent-Based Monitoring and Control of Grid Services
Agent-Based Network
Agent-Based Network Management
Agent-Based Optimisation Techniques
Agent-Based Optimization
Agent-Based Paradigm
Agent-Based Personal Communication System
Agent-Based Personalisation
Agent-Based Personalisation of <domain>
Agent-Based Personalisation of Health Care Information
Agent-Based Process Control
Agent-Based Product
Agent-Based Programming
Agent-Based Programming Language
Agent-Based Programming Techniques
Agent-Based Programming Tools
Agent-Based Programming Method
Agent-Based Prototype
Agent-Based Recommender System
Agent-Based Referral
Agent-Based Referral Networks
Agent-Based Representation
Agent-Based Research
Agent-Based Resource Management Systems
Agent-Based Robotics
Agent-Based Self-Organising Systems
Agent-Based Semantic Grid Applications
Agent-Based Semantic Grid Computing Systems
Agent-Based Semantic Grid Computing Systems and Applications
Agent-Based Service
Agent-Based Service Architectures
Agent-Based Service Architectures and Infrastructures
Agent-Based Service Brokering
Agent-Based Service Composition
Agent-Based Service Discovery
Agent-Based Service Discovery and Composition
Agent-Based Service Discovery, Matchmaking, Brokering, and Composition
Agent-Based Service Infrastructures
Agent Based Service Integration
Agent-Based Service Management
Agent-Based Service Matchmaking
Agent-Based Service Matchmaking and Brokering
Agent-Based Simulation
Agent-Based Simulation of Complex Systems
Agent-Based Simulation Model
Agent-Based Social Network
Agent-Based Social Simulation (ABSS)
Agent-Based Social System
Agent Based Solutions
Agent-Based Software
Agent-Based Software Component
Agent-Based Software Components and Systems
Agent-Based Software Development
Agent-Based Software Engineering
Agent-Based Software Engineering Lifecycle
Agent-Based Software Integration
Agent-Based Software System
Agent-Based Software Technologies
Agent-Based Solution
Agent-Based Specifications
Agent-Based Studies
Agent-Based Studies of <whatever>
Agent-Based Supply Chains
Agent-Based Supply Chains and B2B Systems
Agent-Based System
Agent-Based System Modeling (ASM)
Agent-Based System Modeling Language, Semantics, and Metamodel
Agent Based Systems Design
Agent-Based System Development Methodologies
Agent-Based System Development Methodology
Agent-Based System Development Methodologies and Tools
Agent-Based System Development Tool
Agent-Based System Development Tool Information-Exchange Facilities
Agent-Based System Development Tools
Agent-Based Systems Development
Agent-Based Systems for Autonomous Processing
Agent-Based Systems for Information Retrieval
Agent-Based Techniques
Agent-Based Technologies
Agent-Based Technology
Agent-Based Technology Evolution
Agent-Based Tools
Agent-Based Trade
Agent-Based Trading
Agent-Based Trading Network
Agent-Based Transaction
Agent-Based Ubiquitous Applications
Agent-Based UML
Agent-Based Unified Modeling Language (AUML)
Agent-Based User Interface
Agent-Based Verification
Agent-Based Virtual Enterprise
Agent-Based Web Intelligence Technologies
Agent-Based Web Usage Mining
Agent-Based Wireless Systems
Agent-Based Workflow
Agent-Based Workflow Application
Agent-Based Workflow Management
Agent-Based Workflow Modeling
Agent-Based Workflow System
Agent Behavior (or Behaviour)
Agent Behavioral Model
Agent’s Beliefs
Agent Building Tool
Agent Capability
Agent-Centered <whatever>
Agent-Centered Logic
Agent-Centric <whatever>
Agent-Centric View
Agentcities Initiative
Agent Chameleon
Agent Cloning
Agent Cluster Network
Agent Coalition
Agent Cognition
Agents and Cognitive Models
Agent Collaboration
Agent Colony
Agent Commerce
Agents for Commercial Applications
Agent Communication
Agent Communication Language (ACL)
Agent Communication Protocol
Agent Community
Agents Community
Agent Community Standards
Agents and Complex Systems
Agent Component
Agent Component Library
Agent Composition
Agent Computing
Agent Concept
Agent Construction
Agent Consumer Application
Agent Control
Agent Conversation
Agent Conversation Design
Agent Conversation Policy
Agent Cooperation
Agent Coordination
Agent Coordination Protocol
Agent Decision Making Model
Agent Decision Making
Agent Decision Making Process
Agent Decomposition
Agent-Decomposition Problem
Agent Definition
Agent Delegation
Agent Deliberation
Agent Deployment
Agent Design
Agent Design Patterns
Agent Design Tools
Agent Development
Agent Development Toolkit
Agents for Distributed Systems
Agent Domain
Agent Dynamics
Agent-Enabled <whatever>
Agent-Enabled Concurrent Engineering
Agent-Enabled Grid Computing
Agent Enabled Peer-to-Peer Computing
Agent Enabled Peer to Peer Marketplace
Agent-Enabled Semantic Web [of] (Services)
Agent-Enabled Web
Agent-Enabled Web Services
Agent Enabling
Agent-Enacted Collaboration
Agent Engineering
Agent Environment
Agent-Environment Interactions
Agent Event
Agent Event Queue
Agent Evolution
Agent Expectations
Agent Feed
Agents for <whatever>
Agents for Business Automation
Agents for Business and Engineering Systems
Agents for E-Business
Agents for Handheld Devices
Agents for Information Management
Agents for Internet Computing
Agents for Modelling and Simulating Biological Systems
Agents for Telecommunication Services
Agent Foundation Classes (AFC)
Agent Framework
Agent Functionality
Agent’s Goals
Agent Grid
Agents for Grid Computing Solutions
Agent Grooming Environment
Agent Host
Agents for Handheld Devices
Agent Heterogeneity
Agent Implementation
Agents in Bioinformatics
Agent IDE
Agent Identity
Agent Identity Claim
Agent Identity System
Agent Infrastructure
Agent Integrated Development Environment
Agent Intelligence
Agent Interaction
Agent Interaction Language
Agent Interaction Machine
Agent Interaction Mechanism
Agent Interaction Protocol
Agent Information Systems
Agent Invisibility
Agent Knowledge
Agent Knowledge Base
Agent Learning
Agent Learning Techniques
Agent Library
Agent-Like <whatever>
Agent-Like Application
Agent-Like Behavior
Agent-Like Description
Agent-Like Design
Agent-Like Device
Agent-Like Features
Agent-Like Historical Description
Agent-Like Model
Agent-Like Modules
Agent-Like Program
Agent-Like Quality
Agent-Like Relationship
Agent-Like Responsibility
Agent-Like Strategy
Agent-Like System
Agent Location
Agent Location Mechanism
Agent Machine
Agent Management
Agent Management Platform
Agent Marketplace
Agent Markup Language (e.g., DAML)
Agent-Mediated <whatever>
Agent-Mediated Auction
Agent-Mediated Auction House
Agent-Mediated Collaboration
Agent-Mediated E-Commerce
Agent-Mediated E-Commerce Transaction Service
Agent-Mediated Economic Activity
Agent-Mediated Electronic <whatever>
Agent-Mediated Electronic Auction House
Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce
Agent-Mediated Electronic-Commerce System
Agent-Mediated Electronic System Architecture
Agent-Mediated Electronic Trading System
Agent-Mediated E-Service Contracting
Agent-Mediated Integrative Negotiation
Agent-Mediated Integrative Negotiation Protocols
Agent-Mediated Integrative Negotiation Protocols and Strategies
Agent-Mediated Integrative Negotiation Strategies
Agent Mediated Interaction
Agent-Mediated Internet Advertising
Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management (AMKM)
Agent-Mediated Market
Agent-Mediated Service Integration
Agent Mediated Social Processes
Agent-Mediated Supply Chain
Agent-Mediated Trade
Agent-Mediated Trading
Agent-Mediated Virtual Enterprises
Agent-Mediated Web Services
Agent-Mediated Workflow
Agent Mediation and Management of Services
Agent Memory
Agent Messages
Agent Messaging
Agent Metaphor
Agent Methods
Agent Metrics
Agent Mindspace
Agent Mobility
Agent Modeling
Agent Monitoring
Agent and Multi-Agent Hypothetical Reasoning and Learning
Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Agent Name Server
Agent Negotiation
Agent Networks
Agents and Networks
Agent to Non-Agent Interoperability
Agent Notation
Agent Notification System
Agent Objective
Agents for On-line Collaboration
Agent Ontology
Agent Organization
Agent Organizations
Agent-Organization Systems
Agent Organizational Design
Agent Orientation (“a powerful new paradigm in computing”)
Agent-Oriented Analysis
Agent-Oriented Analysis and Design
Agent-Oriented Approaches <to whatever>
Agent-Oriented Architecture, Representation, and Implementation
Agent-Oriented Aspect
Agent-Oriented B2B Commerce
Agent-Oriented B2C Commerce
Agent-Oriented Business Process Modeling
Agent-Oriented CASE Environment
Agent-Oriented Concept
Agent-Oriented Computing
Agent Oriented Deployment
Agent-Oriented Design
Agent-Oriented Design Methods
Agent-Oriented Design Methodology
Agent-Oriented Development
Agent-Oriented Development and Deployment
Agent-Oriented Development Environment
Agent-Oriented Enterprise Modeling
Agent-Oriented Features
Agent-Oriented Information System (AOIS)
Agent-Oriented Language
Agent-Oriented Methodology
Agent-Oriented Modeling
Agent-Oriented Process
Agent-Oriented Programming (AOP)
Agent-Oriented Programming Language (AOPL)
Agent-Oriented Requirements Analysis and Specification
Agent-Oriented Requirements Engineering
Agent-Oriented Research
Agent-Oriented Sensor Network
Agent-Oriented Service
Agent-Oriented Software
Agent-Oriented Software Abstractions
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE)
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Methodologies
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Paradigm
Agent-Oriented System
Agent-Oriented System Design
Agent-Oriented Teamwork Environment
Agent-Oriented Technologies
Agent-Oriented Technology
Agent-Oriented Tools
Agent-Oriented Workflow
Agent Ownership
Agent Paradigm
Agents Paradigm
Agent Patent
Agent Participants
Agent Pattern(s)
Agent Persistency
Agent Personalisation
Agent Perspective
Agent Planning
Agent Platform
Agent Platform Architecture
Agent Platform Design
Agent Platform Fragments
Agent Platform Implementation
Agent Platform Protocol
Agent Portal
Agent Presence
Agent Primitive
Agent Principal
Agent Privacy
Agent Pro-activeness
Agent Processes
Agent Program
Agent Programmer
Agent Programmers Toolkit
Agent Programming
Agent Programming Environment
Agent Programming Interface
Agent Programming Language
Agent Programming Paradigms
Agent Purchase Negotiation
Agent Quality (dual meaning: a characteristic, or the degree of excellence)
Agent Quantum Computing
Agent Query
Agent Rationality
Agent-Related <whatever>
Agent-Related Event
Agent-Related Issue
Agent-Related Journals
Agent-Related Patterns
Agent-Related Platforms, Frameworks, Systems, Applications, and Tools
Agent-Related Standard
Agent-Related Technology
Agent Representative
Agent Reputation and Trust (ART)
Agent Request
Agent Requirements
Agent Research
Agent Research Areas
Agent Research and Development
Agent Research Community
Agent Researcher
Agent Response
Agent Reuse
Agents, Robots, and Sensors
Agent Runtime Environment
Agent Runtime Platform
Agent Safety
Agent Safety and Security
Agent Security
Agent Security Concerns
Agent Security in an Open Environment
Agent Self-determinism
Agent Self-Organization
Agents and the Semantic Web
Agent Server
Agent Server Technology
Agent Service
Agent Service Provider
Agent Simulation
Agent Simulation Model
Agents and Societies
Agent Societies
Agent Societies Engineering
Agent Societies Management
Agent Society
Agent Society Dynamics
Agents’ Socio-Political Attitudes
Agent Software
Agent Software Engineering Methodology
Agent Solution
Agent-Specific <whatever>
Agent-Specific Capability
Agent-Specific Design Methodology
Agent-Specific Methodologies
Agent-Specific Programming Languages
Agent-Specific Programming Languages and Tools
Agent-Specific Skill
Agent-Specific Tools
Agent Specification
Agent Specification Language
Agent Standard
Agent Standardization
Agent Standardisation Bodies
Agent Story Telling
Agent Story Telling Technique
Agent Strategies
Agents Strategies in Multi-Institutional Environments
Agent Suite
Agent Support for <whatever>
Agent Support for M-Services
Agent-Supported <whatever>
Agent-Supported Collaboration
Agent Supported Cooperative Work
Agent-Supported Guided Tour
Agent Swarm
Agent Swarm Programming
Agent/Swarm Programming
Agent System
Agent System Development
Agent System Development Process
Agent Systems Design
Agent Systems Development
Agent Systems Engineering
Agent Systems Implementation
Agent Systems Simulation
Agent System Technology
Agent Systems Technology
Agent Systems Verification
Agent Team
Agent Team Formation
Agent Technique
Agent Technologies
Agent Technologies for E-Services
Agent Technology
Agent Technology and Bioinformatics
Agent Technology Deployment
Agent Technology Domain
Agent Technology for <whatever>
Agent Technology for Autonomous Business Processing
Agent Technology for Business Applications
Agent Technology for Requirements Engineering
Agent Technology Provider
Agent Technology Research
Agent Termination
Agent Theory
Agent Theory and Application
Agent-to-Agent (A2A)
Agent-to-Agent (A2A) Interaction
Agent-to-Agent (A2A) Metaphor
Agent-to-Agent Collaboration
Agent-to-Agent Architecture
Agent-to-Agent Argumentation
Agent-to-Agent Argumentation Interchange Format
Agent-to-Agent Communication
Agent-to-Agent Community
Agent-to-Agent Interaction
Agent-to-Agent Metaphor
Agent-to-Agent Transaction
Agent-to-Agent Protocol
Agent-to-Human Collaboration
Agent-to-Human Interaction
Agent-to-Human Service Interactions
Agent Toolkit
Agent Tracking
Agent Trust
Agent Types
Agents for Ubiquitous Computing
Agent Unified Modeling Language (AUML)
Agent UML
Agent Unobservability
Agent Verification
Agent Visibility
Agent Visibility and Invisibility
Agent Visualization
Agent Volition
Agents for Wearable Computing
Agent World
Agents World
Agent Wrapper
Agentive <whatever>
Agentive Systems
Agile Groupings of Agents
Algorithmic Agent
Alternative Agent Models
Always-Executing Agents
Analysis, Design, Development and Verification of Agent Societies
Animated Agent
Animated Agent System
Animated Presentation Agent
Animation of Agents
Anthropomorphic Agent
Anticipatory Agent
Antisocial Agent
Application of Intelligent Software Agents
Applications for Agent and Multi-Agent Systems
Applications of Agent Organizations
Applications for Agent Systems
Applications for Multi-Agent Systems
Applications of Software Agents
Applications of Software Agents in <domain>
Applications of Software Agents in Engineering
Application Areas for Agent Technology
Applications with an Advanced Concept of Agency
Applied Software Agents
Appraiser Agent
Architectural Agent
Architectures of Information Agents
Architectures for Services-Based Agents
Argumentation-Based Multi-Agent System
Argumentation and Game Theory in Multi-Agent Systems
Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems
Artifacts of Agent-Based Systems Development
Artificial Agent
Artificial Agent Societies
Artificial Agent Society
Artificial <anything> Agent (e.g., Travel, Insurance, Booking)
Artificial Cognitive Agent
Artificial Life Agent
Artificial Moral Agent (AMA)
Aspect-Oriented Software Development for Multiagent Systems
Assertion Agent
Assistant Agent
Assistance Agent
Assurance Dedicated Agent
Auction Agent
Autocatalytic Autonomous Plank Scale Agents
Autocatalytic Functional Agents
Automated Agent Behavior
Automated Derivation of Complex Agent Architectures
Automated Software Agent
Automated Stock-Trading Agent
Autonomic Agent
Autonomic Software Agent
Autonomous Agent
Autonomous Agent Architecture
Autonomous Agent-Based Systems
Autonomous Agent Behaviour
Autonomous Agent System
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)
Autonomous Bidding Agents
Autonomous Cognitive Agent
Autonomous Communicative Agents
Autonomous Distributed Agents
Autonomous Embodied Agent
Autonomous Interacting Agents
Autonomous Knowledge and Information Agents
Autonomous Life Agent
Autonomous Plank Scale Agents
Autonomous Science Agent
Autonomous Semiotic Agent
Autonomous Software Agent
Autonomous Supply-Chain Management Agent
Autonomous Trading Agent
Autonomy and Self-Design of Agent Societies
Available Agent Technology
B2B Agent Application
Bargaining Agent
Basic MAS Course
BDI Agent (Belief-Desire-Intention)
BDI Agent Architecture
BDI Agent System
BDI Model of Agency
Behavior-Based Interface Agent
Belief-Desire-Intention Agent
Belief-Desire-Intention Agent Architecture
Belief-Desire-Intention Model of Agency
Belief Revision in MAS
Believability, Human-Like Qualities of Synthetic Agents
Believability and Human-Like Qualities of Synthetic Agents
Believability of Synthetic Agents
Believable Animated Agent
Benefits of Agent-Based Computing
Best Practice in Agent-Oriented Development
Bidding Agent
BOID Agents
Bold Agent
Bounded-Optimal Agent
Bounded-Rational Agent
Bridging Agent
Broker Agent
Browsing Agent
Building and Maintaining Large Agent Societies
Business Agent
Business Agent Architecture
Business Agents and the Semantic Enterprise (BASE)
Business Process Agent
Capability-Based Mediation Between Information Agents
Cautious Agent
Cellular Automata Approaches to Emergence in Multi-Agent Systems
Character-Based Intelligent Agent
Classical Agent
Closed Agent System
Closed Multi-Agent System
CoABS Agent Community
Coalitions of Agents
Coalitions in Multi-Agent Systems
Coevolutionarily Constructable Systems of Agents
Coevolutionary Self-Constructing Communities of Autonomous Agents
Coevolving Agent Populations
Coevolving Agents
Coevolving System of Agents
Cognitive Agent
Cognitive Models for Agents
Cognitive Multi-Agent Approach
Cognitively Realistic Agent
Cognitively Realistic Agent Model
Collaborating Information Agents
Collaborative Agent
Collaborative Fuzzy Agents
Collaborative Fuzzy Agents Problems
Collaborative Information Agent
Collaborative Learning Agent
Collaborative Multi-Agent Systems
Collection Agent
Collective Agents
Command Agent
Commercial Agent Development Toolkit
Commercial Agent Application
Commercial Agent System
Commercial Software Agent
Commitment-Based Agent Communication Language
Commitment-Based Multiagent System
Common Agent Languages
Common Open Agent-Based Framework
Communicating Agents
Communication Between Agents
Communication in Multi-Agent Systems
Communication in Multi-Agents Systems
Communicative Multiagent Team
Communities of Autonomous Agents
Communities of Agents
Community of Agents
Community of Agent Platform
Community of Interacting Agents
Comparative Pricing Agent
Competition-Analytic Trading Agent
Complete Agent
Complete, Complex Agent (CCA)
Complex Adaptive Agent
Complex Adaptive Agent Systems Simulation
Complex Agent
Complex Agent Architectures
Complex Agent Societies
Complex Agent System
Complex, Complete Agent
Complex Interacting Agents
Complex Multi-Agent System
Complex Organizational Agent System
Complex Problem Solving Agents
Complexity that Motivates an Agent Approach
Compliance Agent
Component-Based Agent
Component-Based Agent Construction
Component-Based Open Multi-Agent Architecture
Component-Oriented Mobile Agent System
Composition of Agent-Based Services
Compound Agent
Computational Agent
Computational Complexity in Agent Systems
Computational Coordination Mechanisms in Multi-Agent Systems
Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems
Computationally Limited Agent
Computer Agency
Computer Agent
Computer-Based Agent
Computer Interface Agent
Computing Agent
Computing Techniques for Agents
Conceptual Design of an Agent System
Conceptual Intelligent Distribution Agent
Concrete Agent
Concrete Agent Application
Concrete Agent Architecture
Concrete Agent Role
Concurrent Multi-Agent Domains
Configurable Mobile Agent Data Protection Protocol
Conscious Agent
Conscious Software Agent
Constraint-Based Agent
Constraint-Based Multiagent Systems
Constructable Systems of Agents
Consumer Agent
Consumer Agent Vision
Consumer Agent Technology
Consumer Applications for Software Agent Technology
Consumer Applications of Software Agent Technology
Consumer Interface Agent
Consumer Knowledge Agent
Consumer Knowledge Software Agent
Consumer Knowledge-Based Agent
Consumer Knowledge-Based Software Agent
Consumer Knowledge-Based Software Agent Environment
Consumer Software Agent
Consumer-Centric Agent
Consumer-Centric Agent Technology
Consumer-Centric Software Agent
Consumer-Centric Software Agent Technology
Content-Based Broker Agent
Context-Aware Agent
Context-Aware Execution Agent
Context-Aware Intelligent Agent
Contextual Embodied Agent
Contracting Agents
Control of Multi-Agent Systems
Control Structure for Autonomous Agents
Convergence of Web Services, Semantic Web, Agent Technology, and the Grid
Conversational Agent
Conversational Component-Based Open Multi-Agent Architecture
Conversational Interface Agent
Cooperating Intelligent Agents
Co-operation Between Intelligent Agents
Cooperative Agents
Cooperative Design Agents
Cooperative Dialogue Agent
Cooperative Distributed Agents
Cooperative Information Agent (CIA)
Cooperative Mobile Information Agents
Cooperative Multi-Agent System
Cooperative Software Agents
Coordination for Autonomous Agents
Coordination in Emergent Agent Societies
Coordination of Agents
Coordination of Multi-Agent Systems
Coordination and Cooperation Frameworks for Agent Systems
Coordination, Organization, Institutions and Norms in Agent Systems (COIN)
Coordinator Software Agent
Core Concepts of MAS
Customer Agent Technology
Cyc Agent
DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML)
DARPA Control of Agent Based Systems (CoABS)
Data Agent
Data Agents for Business Automation
Data Mining Agent
De Facto Agent Applications
Decentralised Agent Approach
Decision Support Agent
Decision Theoretic Agents
Decision Theory for Multi-Agent Systems
Declarative Agent
Declarative Agent Communication
Declarative Agent Communication Language
Declarative Agent Control
Declarative Agent Coordination
Declarative Agent Coordination Language
Declarative Agent Implementation
Declarative Agent Language
Declarative Agent Programming
Declarative Agent Programming Language
Declarative Agent Technology
Declarative Goals in Agent Programming
Declarative Models of Agent Beliefs
Declarative Models of Agent Beliefs and Capabilities
Declarative Models of Agent Capabilities
Dedicated Agent
Deductive Reasoning Agent
Delegated Agent
Deliberative Agent
Deliberative Agent Architecture
Dependability of Multi-Agent Systems
Dependable Agent System
Deployed Agent
Deployed Agent-Based Business Application
Deployed Multi-Agent System
Deploying Agents in Business Scenarios
Deployment Architectures for Services-Based Agents
Deployment Environments for Agents
Derivation of Complex Agent Architectures
Design Agent
Design of Agent-Based Self-Organising Systems
Design of an Agent System
Design and Analysis of Massively Multi-Agent Systems
Design of Complex Agent Societies
Designing Agent-Based Control Systems (DACS)
Development of Agent Technologies
Dialectic Agents
Different Species of Agents
Diffusion of Agent Technology
Discovery Agent
Discovery of Agent-Based Services
Discovery and Composition of Agent-Based Services
Distributed Agents
Distributed Agent-Based Frameworks
Distributed Agent Computing
Distributed Agent Learning
Distributed Agent Learning Techniques
Distributed Agent Logic
Distributed Agent System
Distributed Communities of Agents
Distributed Computing Techniques for Agents
Distributed Constraint Satisfaction in Multi-Agent Systems
Distributed Domain Ontology Agent
Distributed Intelligent Agent
Distributed Multi-Agent System
Distributed Multiagent Workflow Management System
Distributed and Parallel Computing Techniques for Agents
Distributed Robot-Agent-Person Teams
Distributed Soccer Agents
Distributed System of Intelligent Agents
Distributed Theorem Proving for Multi-Agent Systems
Distributor Agent Technology
Distributor Software Agent
Diversity of Agents
Domain Agent
Domain of Agent-Based Computing
Domain-Bridging Agent
Domain Ontology Agent
Domain-Specific Agent
Domain-Specific MAS Model
Dynamic Agent Coordination
Dynamic Agent Discovery
Dynamic Agent Environment
Dynamic Agent Organisation
Dynamic Agent Societies
Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems
E-Business Agent
E-Commerce Agent
E-Technology Agent
eCommerce Agent
Economic Agent
Economically Founded Multiagent System
Economically-Motivated Software Agent
Electronic Agent
Electronic Distribution Agent
Embedded Agents
Embedded Agent Dialogues
Embedded Agent Technology
Embedded Software Agent Technology
Embodied Agent
Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA)
Embodied Cultural Agent
Embodied Multi-Agents
Emergence in Multi-Agent Systems
Emergent Agent Societies
Emergent Behaviour in Multi Agent-Based Systems
Emergent Behavior in Systems of Agents
Emergent Survivability of Multi-Agent Systems
Emotion-Based Agent
Emotion-Based Agent Architecture
Emotion-Based Agent Mind
Emphatic Agents
Engineering Large-Scale Agent Systems
Engineering Semantic Agent Systems
Engineering Societies in the Agents World
Entertainment Agent
Environments for Multiagent Systems
Epistemic Logic for Agent Modelling
Epistemic Properties in Multi-Agent Systems
Error-Tolerant Agents
E-Technology Agent
Environment-based Coordination for Autonomous Agents
Environments for Agent-Based Simulation
Ethical Agent Computing
Environments for Multiagent Systems
Evolution of Complex Agent Societies
Evolution of Institutions in Agent Societies
Evolution and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems
Evolution in Multi-Agent Systems
Evolutionary Agent
Evolutionary Agent System
Evolutionary Design of Agent Societies
Evolutionary Intelligent Agent
Evolutionary Multi-Agent Learning
Evolutionary Multi-Agent and Multi-Strategy Learning
Evolutionary Multi-Agent System
Evolutionary Software Agent
Evolving Agents
Evolving Agent System
Executable Agent
Execution Agent
Extensions of Logic Programming for Multi-Agent Systems
Fault-Tolerant Agent
Faulty Agent
Field-Tested Agent System
Filtering Agent
FIPA Agent
FIPA-Compliant Agent Platform
FIPA-OS Agent Community
Flexible Agent Control
Formal Approaches to Agent-Based Systems
Formal Inter-Agent Dialogues
Formal Methods for Open Agent Systems
Formal Models of Agency
Formal Models for Agent Systems
Formal Models of Multi-Agent Systems
Formal Theory of Agent Languages and Protocols
Foundations of Agents
Frameworks for Agent Systems
Fraudulent Agent
Fully-Scalable Agent System
Fully-Scalable Multi-Agent System
Fuzzy Agents
Game Agent
Game Theoretic Agents
Game Theoretic Approaches to Emergence in Multi-Agent Systems
Game Theoretic Models for Agent-Based Systems
Game Theoretic Models for Agents Based Systems
Game Theoretic Models for Multi-Agent Systems
Game Theory in Multi-Agent Systems
Gatekeeper Agent
General Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
Generic Agent Capabilities
Generic Agent Model
Generic Intelligent User Interface Agent
Generic Models of Agents
Genetic Agent
Genetic Agent System
Genetic Intelligent Agent
Genetic Software Agent
Global Agent Behaviour
Global Control Versus Agent Autonomy
Global Control Versus Agent Autonomy in <whatever>
Global Control Versus Agent Autonomy in Transportation Systems
Global Workspace Agent
Goal-Directed Agent Technology
Goal-Driven Agents
Graphical Models in Local, Asymmetric Multi-Agent Markov Decision Processes
Grid Computing Agent
Grid Service Agents
Group of Agents
Guardian Agent
Guardian Angel (GA) software agents
Health-Care Agent-Based Systems
Heterogeneous Agents
Heterogeneous Agent Components
Heterogeneous Agent System
Heterogeneous Agent Systems
Heterogeneous Software Agents
Hierarchical Agents
Hierarchical Planning Agents
Hierarchy of Agents
High Level Agent Specification Language
High-Level Executable Multi-Agent Specification Language
High Performance Agent Systems
Highly Dynamic Multi-Agent System
Holonic Agent
Holonic Agent Society
Huge, Open, Scalable, and Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems
Human Agent
Human-Agent Argumentation
Human-Agent Collaboration
Human-Agent Communication
Human-Agent Interaction
Human-Agent Team
Human-Business Agent Cooperation
Human-Business Agent Interaction
Human-Business Agent Interaction/Cooperation
Human-Like Qualities of Synthetic Agents
Humanoid Agents
Humanoid Synthetic Agent
Hybrid Agent
Hybrid Human-Agent Teams
Ideal Agent
Ideal Agent System
Ideal Software Agent
Ideal Software Agent System
Impermanence Agent
Implemented Multi-Agent Systems
Inappropriate Agent Behaviour
Incorrect Agent Behaviour
Incorrect or Inappropriate Agent Behaviour
Independent Agent
Individual Agent
Individual Agent Architecture
Individual Agent Component
Individual Agent Self-Interest
Individual Computational Agent
Individual Modular Agent (IMA)
Individuated Agent-Based Modelling (IABM)
Industrial Agent-Based Solutions
Industrial Multi-Agent System
Industrial-Strength Multi-Agent System
I-net Agent
Information Agency
Information Agent
Information Agents in Digital Cities
Information Agent System
Information Agent Technology
Information Agents for <domain>
Information Agents for Pervasive Computing
Information Agents for Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Information Foraging Agent
Information-Gathering Agent
Information Integrity Agent
Information Overload Management Agent
Institutions in Agent Societies
Instructible Agent
Instructible Interface Agent
Integrated Agent System
Integrated Agent Technology
Intelligent Adaptive Multi-Agent System
Intelligent Agent
Intelligent Agent Application
Intelligent Agent Architecture
Intelligent Agent-Based System
Intelligent Agent Control
Intelligent Agent Context
Intelligent Agents for Autonomous Processing
Intelligent Agents in Design
Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Intelligent Agents for P2P Computing
Intelligent Agent Patent
Intelligent Agent Portal
Intelligent Agent Technology
Intelligent Agent Software
Intelligent Agent Software Engineering
Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT)
Intelligent Assistance Agent
Intelligent Autonomous Agent
Intelligent Business Agent
Intelligent Clerical Agent
Intelligent Collaborative Agents
Intelligent Computer Agent
Intelligent Computer-Based Agent
Intelligent Distribution Agent
Intelligent Guardian Agent
Intelligent Information Agent
Intelligent Interactive Agent
Intelligent Interface Agent
Intelligent Interface and Interactive Agent Systems
Intelligent Interfaces for Information Agents
Intelligent Mobile Agent
Intelligent Mobile Agent Technology
Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems
Intelligent, Multi-Individual Agent
Intelligent Net Agent
Intelligent Network Agent
Intelligent Personal Agent System
Intelligent Physical Agent
Intelligent Search Agent
Intelligent Security Agent
Intelligent Social Agent
Intelligent Software Agent
Intelligent Software Agent Application
Intelligent Software Agent-Based Network
Intelligent Software Agent Portal
Intelligent Software Agent Technology
Intelligent Software Assistance Agent
Intelligent User Assistance Agent
Intelligent Virtual Agent
Intelligent Web Agent
Intelligent Web Based Agent
Intentional Agent
Interacting Agents
Interacting Autonomous Agents
Interacting Web Service Agents
Interaction-Coordination Patterns in Agent Societies
Interactive Agent
Interactive Agent Construction Wizard
Interactive Software Agent
Interagent <whatever>
Inter-Agent <whatever>
Inter Agent Behavior
Inter-Agent Collaboration
Inter-Agent Communication
Inter-Agent Communication Standard
Inter-Agent Dialogue
Inter-Agent Processes
Inter-Agent Relationship
Inter-Agent Trust
Inter-Disciplinary Approaches for Agent Societies Engineering
Interface Agency
Interface Agent
Internet Agent
Internet Agent-Based E-Business Systems
Internet Agents for Autonomous Processing
Internet Agents for Business Automation
Interoperability of Multi-Agent Systems
Interval-Valued Probabilistic Reasoning Agents
Intra-Agent Communication
Isolated Agent Capabilities
Itinerant Agent
Java Agent
Java Agent Services
Java based Mobile-Agents
Java Mobile Agent
Java Mobile Agent Virtual Machine
Joint Beliefs of Interacting Agents
Jointly Committed Agents
Key Agent Technologies
Knowledge Agent
Knowledge-Based Agent
Knowledge-Based Software Agent
Knowledge-Based Software Agent Technology
Knowledge and Belief Representation and Updates in Multi-Agent Systems
Knowledge Discovery by Information Agents
Knowledge Discovery by Systems of Information Agents
Knowledge-Fragment Enabled Intelligent Autonomous Agent
Knowledge Intensive Multi-Agent Systems
Knowledge Software Agent
Language Understanding Agent
Large Agent
Large Agent Societies
Large-Grain Agents
Large-Grain Multi-Agent System
Large Populations of Agents
Large-Scale Agent-Based E-Business Systems
Large-Scale Agent-Based Systems
Large-Scale Agent Systems
Large-Scale Agent System Design
Large-Scale Decentralised MAS
Large-Scale Multi-Agent System
Large-Scale Open Agent Environment
Large-Scale, Open, Multi-Agent System
Large Systems of Individual Agents
Learning Agent
Learning Agent Technology
Learning Dialog Agent
Learning and Evolution in Agent Based Systems
Learning in Multi-Agent Systems
Learning System/Agent
Legacy Multi-Agent System
Libraries for Agent-Oriented Development
Lifelike Agent
Lifelike Animated Agent
Local Agent
Local Agent Behaviour
Local Agent Control
Local Agent Interactions
Local Agent Level
Local, Asymmetric Multi-Agent Markov Decision Processes
Local Domain Agent
Local/Global Agent Behaviour
Local Manager Agent
Logic-Based Agent
Logic-Based Agent Programming Language
Logic-Based Agent Verification
Logic-Based Communicating Agents
Logic Based Implementations of Multi-Agent Systems
Logic Based Programming Languages for Multi-Agent Systems
Logical Foundations of Multi-Agent Systems
Macro Agent
Macro Software Agent
Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) [NOT a ‘modern’ use of software agent technology, this is a ‘daemon’]
Malicious Agent
Management of Complex Agent Societies
Management of Multi-Agent Systems
Manager Agent
Market-Aware Agents
Market-Based Mobile Agent
Market-Based Mobile-Agent Planning
Market-Based Mobile-Agent System
Market-Oriented Multi-Agent Reasoning
Market-Specific Agent Shell
MAS — Multi-Agent System(s)
MAS <whatever>
MAS-Based Simulation
MAS Basics
MAS Specialities
MAS-Specific Problems
MAS-Specific Tools
Massive Agent Systems
Massively Multiagent Applications
Massively Multi-Agent Information Systems
Massively Multi-Agent Infrastructure
Massively Multi-Agent Simulation
Massively Multi-Agent Systems (MMAS)
Massively Multiagent Systems (MMAS)
Matchmaking Agent
Mechanical Agent
Member Agent
Meta-Theory for Formal Inter-Agent Dialogues
Micro Agent
Micro Software Agent
Microsoft Agent
Middleware Agent
Middleware Infrastructures for Agent Societies
Migratory Agent
Migratory Agent Toolkit
Migratory Software Agent
Migratory Software Agent Security
Migratory Software Agent Server
Migratory Software Agent Toolkit
Mind-Minding Agent
Mobile Agent (1) — A program that can migrate from machine to machine in a heterogeneous network. The program chooses when and where to migrate. It can suspend its execution at an arbitrary point, transport to another machine and resume execution on the new machine
Mobile Agent (2) — A server-based program used to support “mobile” workers who are intermittently connected to the server using wireless or other dial-in connections. Oracle uses this term.
Mobile Agents for Ambient Intelligence
Mobile Agent Application
Mobile Agent Architecture
Mobile Agent-Based <whatever>
Mobile Agent-Based Application
Mobile-Agent Based Development
Mobile-Agent Based Development Platform
Mobile Agent Based Electronic Commerce
Mobile Agent-Based Framework
Mobile Agent Data Protection Protocol
Mobile Agent Distribution
Mobile Agent Environment
Mobile-Agent Market System
Mobile Agent Middleware
Mobile Agent Platform
Mobile-Agent Research
Mobile-Agent Resource Allocation
Mobile Agent Safety
Mobile Agent Security
Mobile Agent Server
Mobile Agent System
Mobile Agent Systems Research
Mobile Agent Technology
Mobile Agent Toolkit
Mobile Agent Work
Mobile Agents Approach
Mobile Autonomous Agent
Mobile Autonomous Software Agent
Mobile Information Agent
Mobile Intelligent Agent
Mobile Internet Agent
Mobile Lightweight Agent
Mobile Multiagent System
Mobile Network Agent
Mobile Software Agent
Mobile Software Agent Security
Mobile Software Agent Server
Mobile Software Agent Toolkit
Mobile-Stationary Agent Interaction
Mobile Web-Commerce Agent
Modal and Epistemic Logics for Agent Modelling
Modal Logic for Agent Modelling
Modal Logic Approaches to Multi-Agent Systems
Model of Agency
Model-Checking for Agent Oriented Programming Languages and Tools
Model Checking for Agent-Oriented Systems
Model Checking Multi-Agent Systems
Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) for MAS
Modeled Agents
Modeling Agent
Modeling Information Exchanges in Multi-Agent Systems
Modeling Multi-Agent Systems
Models of Complex Distributed Systems with Agents and Societies
Modular Agent Architectures
Modular Agent Intelligence
Modular Intelligent Personal Agent System
Modular and Reflective Agent Architectures
Molecular Autonomous Agents
Molecular Information Agent (MIA)
Motivational Agents
Multiagent (MA)
Multi-Agent (MA)
Multi-Agent <whatever> — Same as MAS <whatever>
Multi-Agent Abstraction
Multi-Agent Ant-Based System
Multi-Agent Ant System
Multi-Agent Ant System Optimisation
Multi-Agent Application
Multi-Agent Approach
Multi-Agent Architecture
Multiagent Argument
Multi-Agent Argumentation
Multiagent Autonomic System
Multi-Agent Autonomic Architectures
Multi-Agent Autonomic System
Multi-Agent Based Distributed Applications
Multiagent-Based Simulation (MABS)
Multi-Agent Beliefs
Multi-Agent Belief Revision
Multi-Agent Belief Update
Multi-Agent Caregiver Systems
Multi Agent Community (1) A community of communicating software agents
Multi Agent Community (2) People working in the field of Multi-Agent Systems
Multi-Agent Computer Systems
Multi-Agent Computing
Multi-Agent Computing Systems
Multiagent Control
Multi-Agent Control Architecture
Multi-Agent Coordination
Multi-Agent Coordination and Control
Multiagent Data Mining
Multiagent Data Warehousing
Multi-Agent Decision-making
Multi-Agent Dependence
Multi-Agent Design
Multi-Agent Design Task
Multi-Agent Diagnosis
Multi-Agent Dialog
Multi-Agent Dialogue
Multi-Agent Distributed Goal Satisfaction
Multi-Agent Domains
Multi-Agent Dynamic Programming
Multi-Agent E-Commerce
Multiagent Ecosystem
Multi-Agent Engineering Paradigms
Multi-Agent Environment
Multi-Agent Epistemic Logics
MultiAgent Framework
Multi-Agent Implementation
Multiagent Interaction
Multi-Agent Interaction Machine (MIM)
Multi-Agent Interaction Machines (MIMs)
Multi-Agent Issue
Multi-Agent Knowledge Management
Multi-Agent Language
Multi-Agent Learning
Multi-Agent Logics
Multi-Agent Logistics Management
Multi-Agent Markov Decision Processes
Multi-Agent Model
Multi-Agent Modeling
Multi-Agent Models for Emergent Phenomena
Multi-Agent Negotiation
Multiagent Negotiation
Multi-Agent Organisms
Multi-Agent Organisms for <whatever>
Multi-Agent Organisms for Persistent Computing
Multi-Agent Organization
Multi-Agent Oriented Dynamic Composition
Multi-Agent Patrolling
Multiagent Plan Coordination
Multi-Agent Plan Recognition
Multi-Agent Plans
Multi-Agent Planning (MAP)
Multi-Agent Planning Problem
Multi-Agent Planning System
Multi-Agent Platform
Multi-Agent Policies
Multiagent Problems
Multi-Agent Programming
Multi-Agent Programming Language
Multi-Agent Programming Skeleton
Multi Agent Research
Multi Agent Research Community
Multi-Agent Reasoning
Multi-Agent Resource Allocation
Multi-Agent Resource Allocation Framework
Multi-Agent Routing Protocol for Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Multi-Agent Scalability
Multi-Agent Security
Multi-Agent Security and Survivability
Multiagent Sensor Network
Multi Agent Simulation
Multi-Agent Simulation Application
Multi Agent Simulation Models
Multi-Agent Simulation Platform
Multi-Agent Society
Multi-Agent Software
Multi-Agent Story Generation
Multi-Agent Storytelling
Multi-Agent Storytelling Environment
Multi-Agent Survivability
Multi-Agent Swarm
Multi-Agent Swarm Techniques
Multi-Agent System (MAS)
Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)
Multi-Agent Systems and Ontologies
Multiagent System
Multiagent Systems
Multi-Agent System for <application-problem>
Multi-Agent System Application
Multi-Agent Systems and Applications
Multi-Agent Systems Approach
Multi-Agent Systems Approach to <whatever>
Multi-Agent Systems Approach to Autonomic Computing
Multi-Agent System Architecture
Multi-Agent System Design
Multi-Agent Systems Development
Multi-Agent Systems Development Environment
Multiagent Systems Engineering
Multiagent Systems Engineering Methodology
Multiagent Systems in Electronic Healthcare Provision
Multi-Agent System Infrastructure
Multi-Agent System Methodology
Multi-Agent Systems Modeling
Multi-Agent Systems on the Web
Multiagent System Organization
Multiagent System Performance
Multi-Agent Systems Research
Multiagent Systems in Collective Robotics
Multiagent Systems of Robots
Multi-Agent System Simulation
Multi-Agent System Technology
Multi-Agent Systems Technology
Multi-Agent Systems Technologies
MAS Application
MAS Course
MAS Programming
MAS Programming Language
MAS-Specific Tools
Multi-Agent System Model
Multiagent System Technologies
Multiagent Teamwork
Multi-Agent Techniques
Multi Agent Technology
Multi-Agent Technology
Multiagent Technology
Multi-Agent Visit Scheduler
Multiagent Workflow Management System
Multiagent Workflows
(Multi)Agent Research
Multi-Conscious Agent
Multimedia Service Agent
Multi-Individual Agent
Multifunctional Teams/Agents
Multi-Task Agent
Multiple Agents
Multiple Cooperating Agents
My Agent
Natural Language Interfaces for Business Agents
Navigation Assistance Agent
Negotiating Agent
Network Broker Agent
Network of Intelligent Agents
Network Software Agent
Networked Agents
News Agent
Nomadic Agent
Non-Agent Legacy Systems
Non-Agent Standard
Non-Agent Technology
Non-Cooperative Agents
Non-Human Intelligent Agent
Non-Linear Agent-Based Simulation
Non-Linear Utility Agents
Non-Mobile Agent
Nonmonotonic Reasoning in Multi-Agent Systems
Norm-Compliant Agents
Norm-Governed Multi-Agent System
Normative Agent
Normative Agent Reasoning
Normative Multi-Agent System
Normative Multiagent System
Norms in Agent Societies
Objective-Trust Based Agents
Observed Agents
Ontologies and Agent systems
Ontologies for Agent Systems
Ontologies for Agents
Ontologies for Multi-Agent Systems
Ontologies for Multi-Agent System Applications
Ontologies in Agent Systems
Ontology for Agents and Actions
Ontology of Workflow in MAS
Ontology of Workflow in Multi-Agent Systems
Open Agent <whatever>
Open Agent Architecture
Open Agent-Based Framework
Open Agent-Based Market Infrastructure
Open Agent Community
Open Agent Environment
Open Agent Platform Design
Open Agent Society
Open Agent System
Open Collaborative Agent Business Environments
Open Complex Multi-Agent Systems
Open, Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems
Open Multi-Agent Architecture
Open Multi-Agent System
Open, Real-World Multiagent Systems [Robots?]
Operating System Support for Agents
Operation of Agent Components
Operational Semantics and Execution Agent Models
Operational Support for Agent Systems
Organization of Agent Societies
Organizational Agent Patterns
Organizational Agent Systems
Organisational Model for Multi-Agent Systems
Organizational Structures of Multi-Agent Systems
Organisational Views of Agent Systems
Organizationally Situated Agent
Over-Helping Agents
Overlay System Monitoring Agents
Overload Management Agent
Parallel Computing Techniques for Agents
Participating Agents
Passive Software Agent
Paternalistic Agents
PDA Agent
Pedagogical Agent
Peer-to-Peer Agent
Peer-to-Peer Models for Multi-Agent Systems
Performance Engineering of Emergent Behaviour in Multi Agent-Based Systems
People, Agents, Robots, and Sensors (PARS)
People and Their Computing Agents
Perceptual Agent
Performance of Agent Systems
Performance Assessment of Multi-Agent Systems
Performance Evaluation of Deployed Multi-Agent Systems
Personal Agent
Personal Assistant Agent
Personal Gatekeeper Agent
Personal Information Agent
Personal Internet Agent
Personal News Agent
Personal Privacy Agent Service
Personal User Agent
Personalized Learning Agent
Personalised User Interface Agent
Philosophical Foundations of Agents
Physical Agent
Physical Security for Agents
Plank Scale Agents
Planning Agent
Planning in Multi-Agent Systems
Polyvalent Agent
Population of Simple Agents
Potential Applications of Agent Systems
Practical Applications with an Advanced Concept of Agency
Practical Aspects of Agent-Based Computing
Practical Reasoning Agent
Practice of Multi-Agent Systems
Pre-Existing Agents
Privacy Agent
Privacy in Multi-Agent Systems
Privacy and Safety in Multi-Agent Systems
Privacy, Safety, and Security in Multi-Agent Systems
Privacy and Security in Multi-Agent Systems
Proactive Agent
Probabilistic Reasoning Agents
Problem Solving Agents
Procedural Agent
Product Distribution Theory for Control of Multi-Agent Systems
Producer Agent Technology
Producer Software Agent
Production Dedicated Agent
Programmable Embodied Agent
Programming Information Agents
Programming Languages for Software Agents
Programming Multi-Agent Systems
Programming Multiagent Systems
Promotion of Agent Technology
Properties of Implemented Multi-Agent Systems
Prototype Agent System
Provider Agent
Provisioned Agent
Proxy Agent
Pure Agent Communication
Pure Agent Research
QC Agent
Quantum Agent
Quantum Computational Agent (QC Agent)
Quantum Computational Information Agent (QCIA)
Quantum Computational Multi-Agent System (QCMAS)
Quantum Software Agent
Radical Agent
Radical Agent Concepts
Rational Agent
Rational Agency
Rational Cooperative Agents
Rational Information Agent
Rational Information Agents for <application-domain>
Rational Information Agents for E-Business
Reactive Agent
Reactive Agent-Based System
Reactive Agent Model
Real Agent
Real-Life Agent
Real-Life Agent-Based Application
Real-Time Agent-Based Business System
Real-Time Agent Control
Real-Time Agent Framework
Real-Time and Flexible Agent Control
Real-Time Information Gathering Agent
Real-Time Local Agent Control
Real-Time Situated Agents
Real-World Agent
Real-World Agent Technology Adoption
Real-World Agent Technology Adoption Decisions
Realization of Agent-Based Applications, Services, Products, and Prototypes
Reasoning About Multi-Agent Systems
Reasoning Agent
Recommendation Agent
Recommender Agent
Recursive Agent Model
Reflective Agent Architectures
Reflective Mobile Agents
Regulated Agent-Based Social System
Regulated Agent-Based Society
Regulated MAS
Regulated Multi-Agent Systems
Reliability Testing for Agents
Remembrance Agent
Remote Domain Agent
Replicating Agent
Reputation in Multi-Agent Systems
Requester Agent
Requirements Engineering for Agent Systems
Research-Oriented Agent Platform
Resource Agent
Resource Allocation in Multi-Agent Systems
Resource Bounded Agent
Resource-Bounded Information Agent
Resource Discovery Agent
Rigorous Agent-Specific Design Methodology
Risk-Averse Auction Agent
Robot-Agent-Person Teams
Robotic Agent
Robust Agent Control
Robust Multi-Agent Systems
Robustness and Dependability of Multi-Agent Systems
Robustness of Multi-Agent Systems
Rule-Based Software Agent
Rule Systems for Business Agents
Run-Time Environment for Self-Organising Agents
Run-Time Reconfiguration and Re-Design of Agents
Safe Agent
Safety in Multi-Agent Systems
Safety, and Security in Multi-Agent Systems
Satisficing Agent Control
Scalability and Dependability of Multi-Agent Systems
Scalability of Multi-Agent Systems
Scalability, Robustness, and Dependability of Multi-Agent Systems
Scalable Agent
Scalable Multi-Agent System
Science Agent
Search Agent
Search and Retrieval Agent
Secure Agent
Secure Agent Communication
Secure Environment for Software Agents
Secure Multiagent Systems
Security Agent
Security Agent Based Distributed Authorization
Security in Multi-Agent Systems
Security in Open Agent Systems
Security of Systems Using Agents
Security, Trust and Norms in Agent Societies
Security and Verifiability for Agents
Self-Adapting Agents
Self-Constructing Communities of Autonomous Agents
Selfish Agent
Self-Interested Agent
Self-Interested Autonomous Software Agent
Self-Interested Software Agent
Self-Modifying Agent
Self-Modifying Agent Communication Language
Self-Organisation and Self Regulation in Agent Societies
Self-Organisation to Support Multi-Agent Scalability
Self-Organized Multi-Agent Swarm
Self-Organized Multi-Agent Swarm System
Self-Organising Agent Community
Self-Organizing Agents
Self-Organising Agent Applications
Self-Organising Information Agent System
Self-Organising Multi-Agent Based Applications
Self-Organising Multi-Agent Systems Applications
Self-Organizing Applications
Self-Organizing Proxy Agent
Self-Protected Mobile Agents
Selfish Agent
Semantic Agent
Semantic Agent Systems
Semantic MAS
Semantic MAS Application
Semantic Multi-Agent System
Semantic Multi-Agent System Application
Semantic Web Agent
Semantic Web Services Context-Aware Execution Agent
Semantics of Interaction and Agent Communication Languages
Semi-Autonomous Agent
Semi-Autonomous Cognitive Agent
Semiautonomous Agent
Semi-Structured Agent Communications Language
Semiotic Agent
Sentient Agent
Service Agent
Services-Based Agent
Services-Based Agent Communities
Service-Oriented Multi-Agent System (SOMAS)
Service-Oriented Multiagent Systems
Service-Providing Agent
Service-Requesting Agent
Services for Agent Collaboration
Simple Adaptive Trading Agent
Simple Agent
Simple Software Agent
Simulation Agent
Single Agent Behavior
Single-Agent Design
Single Agent Learning
Single-Agent Systems
Situated Agent
Situated Cooperative Agent
Situated Multi-Agent Systems
Skeleton Agent
SKIP Agent (Semantic Knowledge Indexing Platform)
Small Agent
Smart Adaptive Agent
Smart Adaptive Agent Application
Smart Agent
Smart Computing Agent
Smart Mobile Agent
Smart Net Agent
Smart Web Agent
Soccer Agents
Social Agent
Social Aspects of Agent Systems
Social Aspects of MAS
Social and Cognitive Models for Agents
Social Commitment for Agent Communication
Social Hybrid Agent
Social Intelligence in Multi-Agent Systems
Social Interaction With Agents
Social Interface Agent
Social Laws for Artificial Agent Societies
Social Models for Agents
Social Model for Multi-Agent Systems
Social Networking Agent
Social Notions of Multi-Agency
Social and Organizational Structures of Multi-Agent Systems
Social Scientific Agent Based Computer Simulation
Social Structures in MAS
Social Structures of Multi-Agent Systems
Social Theories for Agent Technology (Socionics)
Socially Embedded Agent
Socially Embedded Multi-Agent System
Socially Enabled Agent
Socially-Enabled Software Agent
Socially Intelligent Agent (SIA)
Socially Situated Agents
Societies of Agents
Societies of Artificial Agents
Society of Agents
Soft Real-Time Agent Framework
Software Agency
Software Agent (1)
Software Agent (2) — A person or organization who markets a particular software product as an agent for the product’s producer
Software Agents
Software Agent Application
Software Agent Architecture
Software Agent-Based Approach
Software Agent-Based Approaches
Software Agent-Based Approaches to/for <whatever>
Software Agent-Based Architecture
Software Agent-Based Network
Software Agent-Based Software Development
Software Agent Based Virtual Enterprise
Software Agent Books
Software Agents for Business Automation
Software Agent Colony
Software Agent Community
Software Agent Component
Software Agent Consumer Application
Software Agent Control
Software Agent Ecology
Software Agent Environment
Software Agent Feed
Software Agents Field
Software Agent Oriented Project
Software Agent Framework
Software Agent Identity
Software Agent Ontology
Software Agent-Oriented Workflow
Software Agent Paradigm
Software Agent Patent
Software Agent Portal
Software Agent Principal
Software Agent Quantum Computing
Software Agent Research
Software Agent Server
Software Agent Societies
Software Agent Solution
Software Agent Standard
Software Agent Standards Consortium
Software Agent System
Software Agent Systems
Software Agent Technologies
Software Agent Technology
Software Agent Technology Domain
Software Agent Technology Research
Software Agent Tool
Software Agent Toolkit
Software Agentry
Software as Agents
Software-Based Agent Technology
Software Engineering in Multi-Agent Systems
Software Information Agent
Software Travel Agent
Spatially Distributed Autonomous Agents
Special Purpose Software Agent
Specialization Agent
Species of Agent
Specific Agent Aspect
Specification and Verification of Formal Properties of Agent Systems
Standard Agent Communications Language
Standard Agent Design
Standard Agent-Specific Design Methodologies
Standards for Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
State of an Agent
Stock-Trading Agent
Strong Definition of Agency
Strong Notion of Agency
Suite of Agents
Suites of Agents
Supply Chain Management Agent
Survivability of Multi-Agent Systems
Survivable Agent Infrastructure
Synthesis of Artificial Agents
Synthetic Agent
System Agent
System of Agents
System of Information Agents
Systems of Information Agents
Systems of Agents
Systems and Applications of Information Agents
Systems of Intelligent Agents
Task Allocation in Multi-Agent Systems
Task Automation Agent
Task and Resource Allocation in Multi-Agent Systems
Task-Oriented Agent
Task-Specific Agent
Taskable Agent
Taskable Agent Algorithm
Taskable Agent Architecture
Taskable Agent Software
Taskable Agent System
Taskable Software Agent
Teaching MAS
Team Player Agent
Template Agent
Temporal Reasoning for Multi-Agent Systems
Theories of Agency
Theories of Agency and Autonomy
Theory of Agent Languages and Protocols
Time-Aware Agent
TMS Agents
Tools and Models for Agent Societies Management
Tourist Agent
Trading Agent
Trading Agents Competition (TAC)
Trading Internet Agent
Training Agents
Transportable Agent
Travel Agent
Trust in Agent Systems
Trust in Multi-Agent Systems
Trust and Reputation in Multi-Agent Systems
Trusted Agent
Trusted Agent Service Provider
Types of Agents
Types of Agent Systems
Ubiquitous Agents
Ubiquitous Personal Agents
Ubiquitous Satisficing Agent Control
UML Agent Sequence Diagram
Unified Agent Modeling Language (UAML)
Unified Agent-Based Modeling Language
Unsafe Agent
Unstable Multi-Agent Environment
Untrustworthy Agent
Usage of Web Services and Agents in a Grid Infrastructure
User Agent
User-Agent Dialog
User-Agent Interaction
User-Agent Interface Design
User Interface Agent
User-Model-Based Intelligent Software Agent
Utility Agents
Very Large-Scale Multi-Agent System
Vendor Agent Technology
Vendor Software Agent
Virtual Agent
Virtual <anything> Agent (e.g., Travel, Insurance, Booking, Sales)
Virtual Agent-Based Marketplace
Virtual Agent-Based Office
Virtual Agent-Based System
Virtual Agent Technologies
Virtual Battlefield Simulation Agent
Vision of Consumer Applications for Software Agent Technology
Vision of Consumer Applications of Software Agent Technology
Weak Agent
Weak Notion of Agency
Weak and Strong Notion of Agency
Web Agent
Web Crawling Agent
Web Helper Agent
Web Helper Agent Profiles
Web Self-Service Agent
Web Service Agent
Web Service Software Agent
Web Services Agent
Web Services Context-Aware Execution Agent
Wireless Agent-Based System
Wisdom Web Agent
XML-Based Agent System

That’s my full list, vintage 2009.

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