Proposal for a Quantum Capabilities Label for Quantum Computers, Algorithms, and Applications

In a nutshell

The needs


Demand transparency — transparency is mandatory

What won’t be covered by this proposal

Capabilities and metrics

Units for capabilities and metrics

Quantum computer vs. quantum processor

Proposed list of quantum computing capabilities

Other capabilities and characteristics

Principles of Operation and Implementation Specifications for all details on a quantum computer

Some capabilities may not be known at present

Quantum computer label

Combined label for a family of quantum computer models

Abbreviated quantum computer label

#AQ (Algorithmic Qubits)

Quantum Volume (QV) limit of 50 qubits

A list of capabilities to provide a fuller picture than a single metric

Other benchmarks

Differences for the label for a quantum algorithm or application

Present quantum algorithm and application requirements as both formulas and representative values in tabular form

Not all quantum algorithms and applications have requirements for all capabilities of a quantum computer

Labels for speculative or future quantum computers, algorithms, and applications

Qubit count

Quantum error correction (QEC)

Qubit fidelity

Gate fidelity

Measurement fidelity

Qubit fidelity under quantum error correction

Logical qubits — in the future

Qubit connectivity

Qubit topology

Fine granularity of phase and probability amplitude

Coherence time

Maximum circuit depth vs. maximum circuit size — is there opportunity for parallelism?

Maximum circuit size vs. total circuit size

Total circuit size vs. maximum circuit depth — is there opportunity for parallelism?

Precision of quantum Fourier transform (QFT)

Quantum advantage for quantum algorithms and applications

Define metadata to facilitate searching, sorting, and matching for both quantum computers and quantum algorithms and applications

Overall letter grade?

Graphic treatment of label

Identification information — essential but beyond the scope of this proposal

Essential details for papers on quantum computers, algorithms, and applications

Essential details for press releases for quantum computers, algorithms, and applications

Essential details for journalists writing about quantum computers, algorithms, and applications

Basis for a report card on progress in quantum computing

Focus here is primarily quantum computer hardware, not software

My original proposal for this topic

Summary and conclusions



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