List of My Artificial Intelligence (AI) Papers

Jack Krupansky
3 min readApr 13, 2018

This is a list of all of my informal papers which relate in some way to artificial intelligence (AI). It will be updated as I post additional papers.

For a very quick introduction to AI:

For an introduction to intelligent digital assistants:

For a much more extended dive into AI (160 pages), but still mostly non-technical, with lots of plain-language definitions and discussion:

To help distinguish AI, machine intelligence, automation, and robotics:

For a zoom in on the concepts of intelligent entities, agency, and autonomy:

For a hint as to how we might make a big step towards Kurzweil’s Singularity:

For a summary of the state of the art for AI relative to achieving human-level intelligence (Strong AI):

Here is the full list of my informal papers which relate directly to artificial intelligence (AI), in reverse chronological order of posting, most recent at top:

  1. Some Brief Notes on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Nomenclature for Levels of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. We Need a Turing Test for Learning
  4. Proposal for Level 0 General Wisdom
  5. How Close Is AI to Human-level Intelligence Here in April 2018?
  6. What Is Reason?
  7. Is It AI or Machine Intelligence?
  8. How Much of Robotics Is AI?
  9. Is It Really AI or Just Automation?
  10. What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence)? — A light introduction to AI.
  11. Intelligent Entities: Principals, Agents, and Assistants
  12. What Are Autonomy and Agency?
  13. What Is an Intelligent Digital Assistant?
  14. What Is an Assistant?
  15. Vocabulary of Knowledge, Thought, and Reason — Concepts that we use to work with knowledge — and that an AI system will need to be competent with to achieve Strong AI.
  16. Untangling the Definitions of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence, and Machine Learning — A full treatment of AI — 160 pages, lots of definitions and discussion.
  17. Spectrum of Functional Behavior
  18. Domains of Truth
  19. Extreme AI: Closing the Loop and Opening the Spiral — How do we make a big step towards Kurzweil’s Singularity.
  20. Model for Existence and Essence
  21. Can Machines Think?
  22. Questions about Thinking

Other papers which indirectly relate to AI, such as software agents:

  1. Model of Speech
  2. Semantic Web Terms and Concepts
  3. Terms and Concepts Related to Software Agent Technology
  4. Software Agent Technology Terms and Concepts
  5. Software Agent Interactions: Control, Client, Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, and Collaboration
  6. Software Agent Cardinality: Individual, Ensemble, Armada, Swarm, Storm
  7. Rich Semantic Infrastructure Needed for Software Agents to Thrive
  8. Life Agents — Software Agents to Help You Live a Better Life
  9. Base Technology Agent Server — Actual code to support a simplified form of software agent.
  10. The Consumer-Centric Knowledge Web — A Vision of Consumer Applications of Software Agent Technology — Enabling Consumer-Centric Knowledge-Based Computing
  11. Software Agent Manifesto
  12. What is a Software Agent?

These lists will be updated as I post new papers.