Elements of a Social Contract

Social contracts in a nutshell


Why a social contract?

We are stronger together than we are alone

A society without a social contract?

THE social contract

Social contract for each country

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Web of social contracts


Promises, policies, and values

Elements of a national dream


Consensus is the only way

Federated political subdivisions with limited autonomy

Sorry, but winning is out

Shared responsibility

Social contract embedded in laws

Social contract in political party platforms

Social contract in organizational charters and bylaws

Social contract in religions — values, dogma, doctrine, and scripture

Merit of explicit, separate social contract document

Rule of law



Four freedoms

Specific elements of a social contract

Essential goods and services

Availability, access, and cost

Whole of society

What’s expected from government

What’s expected from the people

Respective roles of government, business, religion, and civil society


Role of family and family values

Role of community and community values

Individualism vs. collectivism

Form of justice system

Protest vs. peaceful assembly

Civil disobedience

Borderline incitement

Bounds of reason and expected behavior

Patriotism, nationalism, and nativism

Immigration and refugees


Income inequality and wealth inequality


Social safety net

State social contract

Local social contract

Formal social contract

Informal social contract

Stories and narratives

Promises and expectations

Application to the world of robots and AI

How much of a mandate should be required to create or change a social contract?

Need for stability of a social contract

What if consensus cannot be reached?

How long should a social contract last?

Periodic review is needed



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