Call for Intel to Focus on Components for Others to Easily Build Their Own Quantum Computers

In a nutshell

Goals and benefits

Areas of focus for Intel in quantum computing

Areas for Intel to stay away from or at least keep at arm’s length with outside partners

Other areas for Intel to focus on

Intel should be agnostic relative to all quantum computing tools, frameworks, and SDKs, such as Qiskit and Cirq

Intel’s Horse Ridge cryogenic qubit control chip inspired this proposal

Intel milestones in quantum computing

q86 architecture for quantum computer systems

q86 is a name I contrived, to parallel x86

Quantum computer as a coprocessor

Tight integration of q86 with x86

q86-compatible quantum computer systems

q86 architecture — a big question mark at present

Publish fully documented reference designs

Publish Principles of Operation and Implementation Specifications

Produce limited machines as reference platforms

Test bed (or testbed)

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Not all q86 customers would be OEMs

A rich and thriving ecosystem


Value-added resellers (VARs)

Turn-key solution providers

Open source is essential

Facilitate academic research in quantum computing hardware

Academic consortium for customized designs for quantum computers for academic institutions

Contract engineering and manufacturing firms

Analog components and RF components


Historical timing

How much might a quantum computer system cost?

Pricing for service — leasing and usage

Service level agreement (SLA)

Access: Experimental, testing, and production


Government labs might wish to build their own quantum computer systems

Architectures tailored for high-end quantum simulators


Co-design of dilution refrigerator, wiring, and electronics to match each other?

Industry standards — potential but premature

Might AMD or NVIDIA beat Intel to the punch?

Intel’s key advantages

Other potential competitors

Might some scrappy startup eat Intel’s lunch?

Upgrade from FPGA to full-custom logic to boost performance and capacity and reduce cost

Universal quantum computer — hybrid quantum/classical integrated processor with QRAM

QRAM would offer dramatic improvement in SPAM — State Preparation And Measurement

Let Intel handle all of your intellectual property (IP) issues

Intel venture capital investments to spur progress in the quantum computing ecosystem

Academic research grants

What needs to happen next?

When might this proposal come to fruition? Six months to three years, or longer

My original proposal for this topic

Alternative titles

Summary and conclusions



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